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some film i got developed #10

Festival season is back. went on the road with set mo for a few shows. went to brisbane with torren foot and back home to melbourne to finish off the new years period at beyond the city to hang out with a bunch of mates.

some film i got developed #8

I Travelled to new zealand to play a set at the infamous Deep hard n funky music festival in Auckland. Accompanied by a couple aussie legends Torren foot, generik and stace cadet. when we got into nz, me and torren headed to the george fm studios to do a live b2b mix and chat with the boys. the festival was a killer time – just so good to be able to hang out with crew again in a festival enviroment. different stages, different Djs and just punters going nuts in general haha. The set was an amazingly sweaty time – got to test out a few records im super pumped to share hopefully soon! until next time xx


everything you do – airwolf & yeah boy

I wrote Everything You Do with the idea in my mind to create something feel good and soulful, with a sprinkle of euphoria. After I wrote it I don’t think I’ve listened to a demo so much as this one haha – It just made me wanna dance!

I sent the track to a long time friend Yeah Boy and knew whatever Johnny came up with would be absolute magic – and I wasn’t wrong haha. He sent through a demo vocal and it just elevated the track into something super special! That demo vocal was so damn good, I ended up keeping it in the final you hear released today!

some film i got developed #7

fuck its good to be back. Stoked to have been put on support duties for my main man D.D up in brisbane. got to test out a bunch of records ive been working on. something i have taken full advantage of in the past and realised how important it is to do lately. Anyway, my brother from another mother (literally), jerome farah was up, so that was a super nice surprise. huge vibes.

Hung out with a super old friend Alone who has been this beast of a music studio that ive now realised I want a big ass proper one of my own some day lol.

some film i got developed #6

me mate dommy dollaz is back in town so we went and checked out xe54. been spending a fair few nights at this place and fucking loving it. set mo also came down to play a show in geelong so went for a nice drive down there to kick it with them. hella vibes